Why Do We Love Fashion Movies?

Why Do We Love Fashion Movies?

Why Do We Love Fashion Movies?
Why Do We Love Fashion Movies?

The fashion world, one of the symbols of radiant life, attracted our attention not only in its own field but also in the world of cinema. When we combined designers, clothes, a flamboyant life, all of these with the visual impact of cinema, we had a list of movies to watch without getting tired. But what makes these movies so valuable is that they allow us to see the other side of the coin. A face where everyone sees a starting point, giving up, starting out, being defeated, hoping again. Especially if you are interested in the fashion world, and even if you are planning a future in this sector, these movies can be a source of inspiration for you. So behind the scenes what actually makes fashion movies so impressive?

To Be Like Everyone
Coco Chanel is perhaps one of the first names that started us on the fashion movie journey. I am sure that we will still be watching new ones with the same curiosity, although it has been pulled over and over and we see Gabrielle Chanel in different faces. One of the biggest reasons for this is that he is one of the names we know the most about his life. Her tragic life, her longing for her father, loneliness, dreams, and her story, which touches everyone's life in a different way, reminds us that she is human like everyone else.

We witnessed his fragile and anxious side in Yves Saint Laurent's film of the same name as the designer. The emotions she experienced when she was brought to the head of Dior, one of the biggest fashion brands at a young age, and the pressure she felt for not being able to reflect these feelings, and the stress caused by the responsibility she took showed us once again that not everything is easy.

Again, again
To show the courage to start, to lose countless times but to start over each time. Perhaps one of the most important features of fashion movies is its motivational power. Because we all may need this high energy in our own lives. Regardless of the life of the designer you watch, at the end of the day, it is possible to finish that movie with the seeds of motivation created within it.

The issue here is the love for the job, the job. Because he is the main source of the motivation we mentioned. When you truly love something, you have an incredible desire to keep it in your life or to shape your life around it. You start the day with these feelings and finish the day with the same feelings. Love that lifts you up from bed and triggers your creativity was undoubtedly one of the most valuable common features of the designers whose lives we had the opportunity to watch.

When we look at all of these items, we better understand why we love fashion movies so much. Because there is a connection that touches us all behind the fashion world, which we sometimes see just like ivory towers.