The First Full Moon of the Year Takes Place in Leo! Here are the Effects ...

The First Full Moon of the Year Takes Place in Leo! Here are the Effects ...

The First Full Moon of the Year Takes Place in Leo! Here are the Effects ...
The First Full Moon of the Year Takes Place in Leo! Here are the Effects ...

Although fire is one step ahead of choosing the wind, the serenity of water will confuse the fire.

Either you will go out or burn?

Either your choice will be water or wind?

To burn or to burn out well?

You are asking or if this is a good or bad full moon ...

Here, some of you will actually choose the water and put out the fire.

Some will choose the wind and the fire will surround ...

The Leo full moon will occur at the 9th degree, that is, at the Sun dean in its place.

Self-identity confusion, sense of self, threatening rhetoric, and ego wars on bilateral relations will have a great impact.

The Leo leader has a pioneering, enthusiastic and strong personality in mass organizing.

With the effect of the full moon, provocation, rebellion, and the motivation to act together may increase and cause indignation in the society.

Sun means will in astrology. It brings forth events where you have to put your will in full.

Arguments may occur with authority figures.

As the egoic show-off race heats up, the real noble king will allow the difference of the nobility to emerge once again.

Full moons have the energy of completion
It will scratch everything that is not based on love, especially at the point of relationships. Individual relationships will also increase the fights of you and test people with fixed minded thoughts with emotional tensions. When the ego is on the stage, unfortunately, the heart cannot see anything.

Do you want him to return because you want it?

Or is it because you really love it?

Want to see him crawl?

The Leo theme also describes children. You may also find out that you suddenly got pregnant. This may not be what you expected. Apart from that, you may consider starting this period in your treatments for IVF.

The developments in in vitro fertilization centers, which have suffered the greatest damage during the Covid-19 pandemic process, will enable couples who have longed for a baby for a long time and have closed the process with the sadness of negativity, to feel the light of hope again.

You may feel an increase in your self-disclosure during the full moon. You may experience withdrawal thinking that you are not understood, and you may prefer to be alone with your loneliness instead of conveying your love out.

Even if you encounter problems in your goals, you should focus on a solution by looking for a way out and try to use your creativity skills fully.

Sudden price fluctuations may occur on the economy front. If you are sure of your investment source, you should not be afraid to act patiently. Try to stay still.

In your work areas, in your bilateral relations with which you have individual interviews, in your dialogues with your friends, in organizations that you benefit massively in front of the society, there may be situations who want to come to you. They can manipulate you and force you into individual error. Remembering that you take your nobility from your individual self, you shouldn't come to the games. Leo also means stage and play.

The universe may be seeing the hand you are playing!

Enjoy and stay calm.

Now let's look at the effects of the full moon on the signs ...

On the lion's full moon, you can go to a new arrangement with the information provided by your deep roots, experiencing a jolt on everything you think you have laid the foundations firmly.

On the lion's full moon, you can experience that it is time to establish a new communication network while your communication system with your environment is alerting.

In the lion's full moon, you can go to a new personal formation by realizing the importance of power in the values you identify yourself with.

In those moments when all the spotlights explode on you on the lion's full moon, your eyes are dazzled, and you can sail towards a new inner exploration. While walking in the warmth of the flames, you will be the architect of a new beginning every step of the way.

On the lion's full moon, you will be sprouting to a new beginning, experiencing a full ending.

On the lion's full moon, your goals may also be indecisive and you may fall into thoughts that end yourself again. Never manipulate yourself. You have no guilt in what is happening now. You just wanted to trust. You can try again.

In the lion's full moon, you can step up the first steps of leadership and power by wanting to bring yourself to the fore. Don't let the last come in your relationships upset you. This is actually a new beginning.

On the lion's full moon, you can get a new philosophy by changing your searches. Be prepared for big changes in your business life.

In the lion's full moon, you may want to cut the branch you are holding with your own hands. You may want to listen to yourself on matters that you are tired of. There will be a big arrangement in your love life.

Realizing that your freedom is your own captivity in the lion's full moon, you can take a new adventure in your relationships.

The fish:
By deciding to do the service to yourself on the lion's full moon, you will receive the first oxygen of a fertile age. You are at the beginning of a new beginning. Be brave.