Tantra: More Than Yoga and Erotic Massage

Tantra: More Than Yoga and Erotic Massage

Tantra: More Than Yoga and Erotic Massage
Tantra: More Than Yoga and Erotic Massage

Anyone who thinks of complicated sex positions when it comes to Tantra is wrong: The spiritual teaching has nothing to do with Kamasutra or erotic massage. Instead, with the art of fusing body and mind into a unity, being at peace with yourself - and being able to fully indulge in making love. What you should know about tantra yoga, yoni massage and Co.

What is tantra
The word Tantra comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and means something like "tissue", "connection" or "expansion of consciousness". Far Eastern teachings, whose roots are in Hinduism and Buddhism, have nothing to do with complicated sex practices. Instead, Tantra defines itself as the art of meaningfully channeling energies of the material world in order to lead a satisfying life. For this purpose, sexual energy is used, which is particularly strong in Tantra.

The spiritual teaching includes various techniques, rituals and meditations - for example massages, breathing or yoga exercises. They help people to release their hidden potentials and to awaken the Kundalini primal force dormant in the body. The seven energy centers, called chakras, are located along the spine and are connected to one another by a kind of energy channel, the Sushumna-Nadi. The Kundalini energy is supposed to be distributed through him and ensure physical and spiritual well-being.

However, this goal cannot be achieved through the mere application of certain techniques, such as a tantra massage. Mind and body, thinking and acting form a unity in Tantra. Anyone who performs a tantric act always does so on the basis of an inner attitude - and vice versa.

Indian love art: what role sex plays in tantra
In contrast to "White Tantra", which does not include sexual acts, "Red Tantra" uses sexual practices as a source of energy. The color red refers to the "red drop", the menstrual blood, which is associated with female energy. In Tantra, sexuality is seen as a divine force. Union rituals, sexual massage and yoga techniques are intended to bring people closer to their divine nature and expand their consciousness.

Tantric sex is not about a quick orgasm or the most unusual positions possible. On the contrary: the physical union should last as long as possible. The man moves less than the woman in order to delay his ejaculation as long as possible or not to ejaculate at all. With sexual rituals, the journey is the goal - an orgasm is not a must with tantra massage and the like, but a welcome side effect.

Maithuna: This is how the tantra ritual works
The Maithuna or Mithuna ritual is supposed to get the sexual energy flowing and is performed by two partners together. The ritual practice consists of five steps: wine (madya), meat (mamsa), fish (matysa), roasted grain (mudra) and sexual union (maithuna). That means: The partners take a ceremonial menu together with a fixed sequence of dishes and then have sexual intercourse. At each stage of the Maithuna ritual, the couple touches each other and consciously perceives their own feelings as well as those of their partner.

Tantra massage: experience touch with all your senses
Whoever speaks of Tantra today usually means Neo-Tantra. This further development of the spiritual teaching includes meditation, esotericism, yoga and gives sexuality a key role on the way to the unity of body, mind and soul. The focus of tantric massages is therefore on the genitals: Yoni (vagina) and lingam (penis). In professional studios or seminars, a tantra massage lasts at least one and a half hours - the longer the session, the deeper the relaxation.

But: Tantra has nothing to do with erotic full-body massages like the Japanese nuru massage. Much more important than your own sense of pleasure or an intense orgasm is to be aware of your body with all your senses. The person being massaged can experience moments of happiness that are equivalent to ecstasy. The passive part has no influence on the course of the tantra massage, but can always express where and how it does not want to be touched.

The two most famous tantra massages and how they work:

Yoni massage
The focus of the intimate massage is the yoni ("lotus flower"), the woman's sex organ. The vagina is supposed to be relaxed and the energy of the pelvis released by circular and tapping touches. In the tantra technique, the masseur works on the outer areas of the female intimate zone, for example the mons pubis, and from there gently feels his way into the vagina and G-spot.

Lingam massage
Tantra massage focuses on the lingam (“stick of life”), i.e. the man's intimate area. In contrast to a sex massage, touching the penis, testicles, anus and prostate does not aim to get "he" to come as quickly as possible. Instead, the person being massaged should experience his body anew, understand his sexuality better and learn to delay the climax of the sexual union for longer.

This is how tantra yoga works
Yoga practices play a special role in tantra. Kundalini power is to be awakened with a combination of asanas (yoga postures as well as breathing, stretching and relaxation exercises), mantras (repetitions of sacred words or sentences), mudras (symbolic hand gestures) or bandhas (energy steering exercises). Tantra yoga is a particularly stimulating and intense form of yoga, which is supposed to help you achieve more strength, clarity and bliss in daily life. Sex does not have to play a role, but sexual tantra rituals such as Maithuna can complement yoga practices.

Alone or with a partner: 3 tantra yoga exercises for at home
Practicing Tantra Yoga without a partner? Yes, it works. First and foremost, the exercises should help you to be aware of your own body and to open it to sensuality, liveliness and other deep emotions. Partner exercises are about getting closer to the loved one emotionally, increasing sexual pleasure - and experiencing a more intense climax together. If you like, you can be naked, but you don't have to.

Here are three tantra yoga techniques you can try at home:

1. Tantric breathing:
Lie on your back and close your eyes. The arms are next to the body, the shoulders relaxed on the floor, the lower jaw is loose. Bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall to the right and left. Legs and pelvis are relaxed. In this position, inhale and exhale loosely towards the intimate area. After exhaling there is a short pause.

2. Yab-yum seat:
The partner sits on a meditation cushion or yoga mat with his legs open and slightly bent. Now you sit on him / her so that your upper body and thus the chakras on the front of your body are directly next to each other. Hug your partner intimately, wrap your legs around him and breathe in and out together.

3rd pelvic encounter:
Both partners kneel opposite each other on a yoga mat. Set up one leg at a time - one the right, the other the left - at a 90-degree angle. The pelvis, thighs and knees on the side of the raised leg touch each other. Hug your partner with your eyes closed and calmly breathe in and out through your nose.

Also interesting: the missionary position doesn't have to be boring. These variants ensure an intense orgasm.