Pantone Chooses the Color of the Year 2021

Pantone Chooses the Color of the Year 2021

Pantone Chooses the Color of the Year 2021
Pantone Chooses the Color of the Year 2021

Every year the color institute Pantone selects the color of the year. For 2021, the combination of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating will be named Pantone Color of the Year.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating: Pantone sets the trend color for 2021
2020 brought many changes and special features, and Pantone has come up with something special for the new year 2021. In recent years, the Pantone Color Institute has always named one color as the trend color of the year, but this time it will be a combination of two colors. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are two independent colors that support each other as an ensemble. This also expresses the current mood very well. Ultimate Gray looks practical and solid, and Illuminating is a shade of yellow that is warming and optimistic.

"Together, the solid Ultimate Gray and the radiant Illuminating convey a positive message of inner strength. Practical and robust, but also warming and optimistic - this is a color combination for hope and resilience. Strength and confidence are nourishment for the human soul", so explained the Pantone Color Institute made its decision.

Ultimate Gray & Illuminating as a trend color in fashion
The two trend colors of 2021 bring color to the wardrobe. The trend towards gray was probably already beginning in 2020 in the form of gray sweatpants, which most wore because of the pandemic and thus turned them into fashion pieces. In addition, there is now a hopeful yellow, which should ensure a lot of good mood. At the designer runway shows for fashion trends in spring / summer 2021, you could already see a few looks in the trend colors.

That was the trend color for 2020: Classic Blue
In this day and age, you want trust, hope and confidence. This is exactly what the Pantone color Classic Blue should radiate for 2020. The deep blue hue is reminiscent of both the constant and the sky at dusk, a perfectly tailored suit, calm water or a bowl of perfectly ripe blueberries. Due to the calm and security that this tone reproduces, it is only understandable that one yearns for a classic with all the fast pace.

“The gentle, appealing and trust-inspiring Classic Blue stands for harmonious interactions. In universal demand, it reminds us that every night is followed by a morning, ”says Pantone, explaining this decision.

After the trend last year with Living Coral went in a young and fresh direction, 2020 is dedicated to a color classic that is supposed to have a calming effect, but can still make a color statement. Classic Blue is both gender and season independent, making it accessible to people in all walks of life.

Classic Blue: This is how fashion combines it
If not already in the cloakroom, Classic Blue can be wonderfully integrated into your own style. Whether as a splash of color combined with minimalist black, white and gray or as color blocking - due to its intensity, the blue tone is a real eye-catcher.

Classic Blue in Beauty 2020
The trend color 2020 can also be easily integrated in beauty. If blue make-up was too much for you up to now, you can slowly approach it and, for example, opt for a simple eyeliner in the trendy color. Combined with light lipstick, it creates an exciting look.

That was the trend color for 2019: Living Coral
Nature as a model
At the time of species extinction, when corals are almost extinct in many places or only have a grayish shimmer, the Pantone Color Institute sets an example and lets the corals shine again, at least in fashion: Living Coral was chosen as the color of the year 2019. A bright orange with a golden undertone that, according to Pantone, "reflects the warmth, nourishment and protection of coral reefs for marine life."

"The cheerful, life-affirming coral red with golden undertones gives energy and invigorates in a gentle way," Pantone explains the decision. The color of the year is always a mirror of the time. Digitization was named as a decisive trend that leads to people longing for authenticity and real experiences - this is what Living Coral is supposed to embody.

Coral red - the successor to Ultra Violet
For over 20 years, the Pantone Color Institute has named the trend color for the following year every December. When choosing the trend color, the color experts orientate themselves on seasonal trend forecasts, color psychology and color advice. New technologies or social media platforms also play a role. What they proclaim as a trend usually dominates the colors in fashion, as well as in interior and design. Last year "Ultra Violet" made the race, in 2017 the shade of green "Greenery" was proclaimed the trend color. And even then, the experts were spot on with their forecast!

Heidi Klum shows a flair for color
Heidi Klum was one who showed a good nose for color trends early on. She already wore a coral red dress at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in September 2018 - and it drew everyone's attention.

Coral red in fashion 2019
In the new season we can look forward to dresses, tops, bags, accessories and shoes in coral red. The last few years have shown that Pantone color predictions usually hit the nail on the head. And if you take a look at the runways of the big fashion houses, it quickly becomes clear that no fashion fan can get around Living Coral in the New Year. The good thing about it: The pastel color flatters all types - whether blond or brown, coral red really suits every woman. And if you just want to wear the color trend discreetly, you can simply use nail polish or lipstick in the trendy color.

Which colors go well with coral red?
In terms of color combination, white looks particularly good; if you use color blocking, you combine a rich red with it, but warm earth tones, taupe and gray variants also look great with coral. When it comes to jewelry, both gold and silver are great companions, and coral red is also a real eye-catcher when worn as an eye shadow!

But Pantone is not the only company that searches for trends with color experts every year - PPG Paints, for example, chose a dark green called "Night Watch" as color of the year for 2019.