Make Up Eyebrows: These Tips Will do the Trick

Make Up Eyebrows: These Tips Will do the Trick

Make Up Eyebrows: These Tips Will do the Trick
Make Up Eyebrows: These Tips Will do the Trick

The more natural the better! That is the motto when it comes to eyebrow styling. While these were painstakingly plucked into thin lines or even shaved in the 90s, the motto now is: Courage to brow statement! Those who are blessed with voluminous eyebrows have been lucky. Everyone else resort to treatments and make-up, dye their brows or even opt for an eyebrow tattoo. But especially with make-up, you can often go wrong. What you should pay attention to when applying make-up to your eyebrows and what method can you use to turn fine hair into a real wow brow?

Make up eyebrows with the 3-point trick
Not only do eyebrows protect the eyes, they are also of great value from a cosmetic point of view. Clearly structured eyebrows in an advantageous color have a positive effect on the entire face: It immediately appears more defined, more feminine and often more elegant. They form the frame of the face. But how are they optimally adapted to the individual facial proportions? While eyebrow stencils are often used, Jonas Tendyra - stylist, specialist trainer and brand representative at Paul Mitchell - strongly advises against it. His make-up tip: "Every face is unique, a stencil rarely fits. A good brow brush, on the other hand, is essential. It makes work immensely easier."

So rather draw by hand. But that doesn't have to mean a crooked curve. With the 3-point trick, the corner points can be defined, which you can use to orient yourself when applying make-up on your eyebrows and thus individually define the perfect shape for each face. An eyebrow pencil or brow brush is suitable as an aid. First, this is held along the nostrils and the inner corner of the eye up to the brow. This is where the eyebrow should start. The highest point is the extension of the line between the outer nostril, along the outer edge of the iris up to the brow. And where the eyebrow ends, the extension of the line from the nostril over the outer corner of the eye decides.

In what color should the eyebrows be made up?
In order to underline the natural look of the eyebrows, the color of the brow should be precisely matched. This depends on the tone of the skin and the color of hair and eyelashes. As a rule of thumb, the brows should only be one shade darker than your own natural hair color. Basically, it is advisable to use more ashy colors - this ensures an even more natural look. Blondes are also allowed to use stronger tones for more definition. Because eyebrows that are too light can disappear on the face. Stylist Jonas Tendyra also has good advice when it comes to color: "Personally, I like to work with two different textures because it is difficult to model with just one color. I recommend a lighter powder to accentuate the skin texture - and then with Stroke a shiny, slightly darker texture over it. Then it won't be too striking. "

Tip: Before applying make-up, the eyebrows should be clean and free of grease, which guarantees a better hold of the make-up.

The right products for the eyebrow system
The right gadgets are extremely important for natural eyebrow styling. Bad products also have a negative effect on the look. Which products are available and how they are best used.

Make up eyebrows with a pencil
Applying make-up to the eyebrows with a pencil is probably the best-known method of eyebrow styling. If you only have narrow, irregular eyebrows or want to visually thicken your hair, you are well served with an eyebrow pencil.

In order to visually thicken the eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow pencil or to correct their shape, the color is chosen that corresponds to your own hair color. The pencil is applied in small, fine lines that resemble your own hair.

Powder for the eyebrows
So that the eyebrows don't look like two dark bars, a light gradient is especially important when styling with the eyebrow powder. This is also called a color gradient and provides a more natural look. Most eyebrow palettes already contain two nuances that are coordinated with one another. Start with the light powder on the inside. The darker shade is used to make up the outer course of the eyebrows.

Fast eyebrow styling with gel
Eyebrow gel is mostly reminiscent of mascara and should not be confused with it: The gel is in a narrow tube and is applied with a small brush. In this case, too, the design of the brush is crucial for a good result. The individual bristles are ideally not too close together. In this way, the gel can precisely style the hairs of the eyebrows.

Anyone who feels that they have made up too much with the eyebrow pencil or powder can easily highlight their brows with the help of an eyebrow gel. It also strengthens the fine hairs and creates a long-lasting look. The Brow Mascaras are available in different colors, but transparent gel can also provide a more alert look. This should be done sparingly. Too thick a layer of the gel can stick the eyebrows together and form lumps. But don't worry: if you've made a mess, you don't have to start over. This is how you can fix make-up mistakes.

In addition, the grip on the concealer ensures a more intensive finish. This is then veneered downwards along the eyebrow to the eyelid. The resulting contrast highlights the eyebrow more. If you want to conjure up that glow on your face, you can rely on highlights. To do this, pick up some highlighter with the brush and apply it below the highest brow point. The resulting light reflection guarantees an ultra-alert look.

Done! Now you can fully devote yourself to eye make-up. And with these tips you can also create the perfect eyeliner.