Lemon water: healthy and helps you lose weight

Lemon water: healthy and helps you lose weight

Lemon water: healthy and helps you lose weight
Lemon water: healthy and helps you lose weight

So simple and so healthy: water with lemon is a tried and tested natural remedy and should also help you lose weight. We explain what lemon water can really do.

Water with lemon is a delicious soft drink, especially when the temperature rises and it gets really warm outside. But lemon water is not only tasty, it is also extremely healthy. Many stars and starlets rely on lemon water for weight loss. How healthy it really is and how water with lemon juice helps with weight loss.

Drink more with lemon water
Admittedly, it is usually difficult to drink a lot of water, especially in the cold season. It is particularly important then, because dry heating air inside and cold winter air outside dry out the mucous membranes and make them susceptible to infections. So drinking a lot is an absolute must. If you struggle, you should use lemon water. It quenches thirst and tastes like more than just water. The lemon taste makes drinking much easier and you drink more fluids.

Lemon water prevents kidney stones
Drinking lemon water is diuretic and ensures that the urinary tract is always “flushed out”. This means that toxins and bacteria can be excreted faster. However, important substances such as potassium and magnesium from the lemon water are absorbed. Also part of the party are the citrates contained in lemon, the natural enemies of kidney stones, especially uric acid stones. Citrates can dissolve the chemical structure of the stones and prevent new deposits from forming. In this way, lemon water prevents kidney stones!

Lemon water gives energy
Who doesn't love the tangy smell of fresh lemon juice? The scent of lemon water alone makes you fresh and brightens the mood. It's the same when you drink lemon water: it refreshes your body and senses and you immediately feel energetic and fit. Therefore, especially those who are grumpy in the morning should grab a glass of lemon water before coffee to stimulate the body's own energy.

Lemon water strengthens the immune system
Hardly any other fruit contains as much vitamin C as the lemon. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and is therefore jointly responsible for health. A daily amount of vitamin C plays a particularly important role in the prevention of colds. But even if you already have a cold, the intake of vitamin C can shorten the cold time and help to overcome the infection more quickly. Drinking lemon water every day strengthens your immune system and counteracts colds.

Here are other foods that are high in vitamin C:

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Detox with lemon water
Thanks to its high vitamin C content, lemon water also provides many antioxidants that detoxify the body at the same time - ideal for those who want to go on a detox or detox cure. Many use the detoxifying effect for daily, gentle detoxification by drinking lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach.

Lemon water against blemishes
The antioxidant vitamin C in lemon water not only has a positive effect on the immune system, it is also good for the skin. Antioxidants bind free radicals, which are responsible for skin aging, among other things. If you drink lemon water every day, the elasticity of the skin is retained and the formation of wrinkles is slowed down. Anti-aging from the inside! In addition, water with lemon counteracts blemishes and pimples and thus ensures a pure skin and a radiant complexion.

Lemon water against bloated stomach
Is it grumbling and rumbling in your stomach after eating? Often you get an ugly bloated stomach after hearty meals, which can sometimes even be painful. In most cases, the gastric acid required to properly digest the food ingested is then lacking. Lemon water already supports the processing process in the stomach and thus prevents excessive gases from developing. In addition to these foods, water with lemon ensures a flat stomach:

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Lemon water for digestion
Another reason why you should drink lemon water more often: It stimulates digestion, promotes the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa and maintains a healthy intestine. This strengthens the entire gastrointestinal tract and at the same time stimulates fat digestion.

Lemon water deacidified
It may sound like a paradox, but despite its sour taste, lemon water is basic, so it has a deacidifying effect and helps regulate the acid-base balance in the body. Those who value an alkaline diet should drink lemon water every day to support the de-acidification of the body.

Lemon water for weight loss
The digestive, deacidifying and detoxifying effects of lemon water make it easier to lose weight. Of course, lemon water alone is not enough to lose weight, but it will definitely help you lose weight with diet and exercise. It's not for nothing that supermodels swear by lemon water. So make the delicious drink an integral part of your daily program and you will feel fitter, more energetic and lighter. If you want to lose weight with lemon water, it is best to use the peel (please use organic lemons here), because there are so many so-called polyphenols that stimulate the body's own genes to burn fat. So if you want to lose weight, you should definitely drink fresh lemon water with grated peel every day with your diet!

Make lemon water yourself
Of course, lemon water is healthiest and has the lowest calories if you prepare it yourself and do not use sweeteners. For a refreshing lemon water, wash 1 lemon with hot water and quarter it. Squeeze the lemon juice into a carafe or large container and add 1 liter of water. Then add the squeezed lemon peel to the carafe or rub some peel into the water (only with organic lemons!). If you like, you can add a little mint for an extra kick of freshness. By the way: Stars swear by a glass of warm lemon water in the morning. It's best to just try it out!

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