Girl Style - 10 Style Rules That We Borrowed From Gigi Hadid

Girl Style - 10 Style Rules That We Borrowed From Gigi Hadid

Girl Style - 10 Style Rules That We Borrowed From Gigi Hadid
Girl Style - 10 Style Rules That We Borrowed From Gigi Hadid

If you look at Gigi Hadid like that, you can't even imagine that the beautiful blonde was rejected by model agencies at the beginning: allegedly she was too fat. Today there is definitely nothing left to see. The It-Girl is not only super slim, but now also a super model. High-fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle are literally fighting for the American Gigi. Reason enough to take a closer look at your style. Here are ten fashion rules from Gigi Hadid:

# 1: less is more

Jeans and a spaghetti strap top in a bright blue. Doesn't sound that exciting at first, but with the right, also very subtle accessories, the look looks great! Gigi loves wearing sunglasses, we would love to know how many she has.

# 2: playing with volume

Especially in winter you can play with different silhouettes. But be careful, too much volume can quickly make a look appear overloaded. Styling queen Gigi Hadid gets it right and combines her oversize coat by Elizabeth & James with slim skinny jeans and sneakers.

# 3: It's the details that count

Anyone can do black allover? That's right, but Gigi wouldn't be Gigi if she didn't also pay attention to the details. So she wears suede overknees with her high-slit satin skirt, which stop shortly before the end of the slit and thus let a little skin flash out.

# 4: underneath is over

Why buy expensive lingerie when nobody can see it anyway? Mrs. Hadid knows how to put them in the limelight and lets her black knickers flash out from under skin-tight overalls.

# 5: combine trend pieces

Whether it's a choker or an it-bag - Gigi always wears at least one trend piece per outfit. Your favorite part right now? The khaki satin bomber jacket from Alpha Industires.

# 6: courage to color

High time to bring some color into play. The model Gigi wears a bright red long coat by Sally Lapointe with red leather pants. So that the look doesn't seem overloaded, she only combines simple colors, such as off-white and nude.

#7: Allover-Look

If you still don't know how to style the trendy tone-on-tone look, here is another style lesson: With the beige maxi dress from Self Portrait, the camel coat from Topshop Boutique and the nude-colored pumps Gigi stays in one color family. Only with the aviator sunglasses in orange does she add a little highlight.

# 8: Athleisure-Style

The top model also looks mega-styled on the way to the gym. For the ingenious athleisure look, she only takes a black short coat and thick sunglasses with her Adidas sportswear - sometimes style can be so simple.

# 9: sneakers instead of high heels

It doesn't always have to be high heels. With a skater skirt, croptop and white sneakers, Gigi Hadid proves that flat shoes also look great with a feminine look.

# 10: It's all about the accessories

With just one accessory, like the yellow crossbody bag here, the It-Gril turns a simple jeans & shirt outfit into a real eye-catcher.