Common Mistakes About Baby Skin!

Common Mistakes About Baby Skin!

Common Mistakes About Baby Skin!
Common Mistakes About Baby Skin!

Participating in the Excellence in Pediatrics Congress organized by the European Pediatrics Association, Prof. Michael Cork tells the truth of the widely spoken myths about baby skin.

Baby skin can be cared for like adult skin, no need for extra protection. - False!
Babies are unique, not small models of the big ones. Baby skin has structural, constitutive and functional differences compared to adults. Baby's skin contains less moisturizing factor than adult skin, meaning there is less melanin. It absorbs water very quickly, but it loses water, ie moisture, very quickly. Adult and baby skin surfaces are also different, baby skin is thinner. Therefore, the baby skin barrier is more delicate and thin; It loses its barrier properties very easily and allergens can pass under the skin more easily. For all these reasons, baby skin must be carefully protected.

Water is sufficient for the baby's cleaning. - False!
Water alone cannot be an effective cleaner. Water is insufficient to remove harmful bacteria, especially in the diaper area. In addition, using only water in baby cleaning may have a negative effect on baby skin. Because the use of water alone moisturizes the baby's skin for about 30 seconds for a short time and then dries it. The pH level of a healthy baby skin is 5.5, but since the pH value of water is 7.5, water alone raises the pH level of the baby skin and causes the baby's skin barrier to break.

All cleaning products are harmful to baby's skin. - Wrong!
Healthy baby skin should have a pH of 5.5. However, some soaps and cleansers can increase the pH of the skin to 9-10, the skin will be damaged. With the composition of the gene and its environment, the layer protecting the skin is broken and becomes susceptible to inflammation. Therefore, the right products suitable for the pH of the baby skin should be preferred when choosing the appropriate cleanser for your baby. It is best to use moisturizing baby products while cleaning the skin.

Preservatives in baby products are risky for health. - Wrong!
Preservatives (condoms) are put into the safely formulated baby products to prevent them from spoiling and to protect these products from the formation of harmful bacteria. Organic products without chemical preservatives are claimed to be good for all skins, especially baby skin. However, not adding these preservatives causes organic products to deteriorate and produce bacteria and damage the baby skin when applied to the baby.

Olive oil is the best oil to use in baby massage. - Rain!
Because some vegetable oils are highly acidic, they can damage the skin barrier. Olive oil, which is preferred by mothers, contains high levels of oleic acid. This causes the skin barrier to split in two. The use of olive oil in babies with thinned skin barriers such as genetic dysposition and eczema harms the baby's skin. Therefore, mineral baby oils developed for baby skin should be preferred in baby skin care.