Body Care Guide for Cold Weather

Body Care Guide for Cold Weatherv

Body Care Guide for Cold Weather
Body Care Guide for Cold Weather

Body care is a ritual that is always thrown into the background. However, as the weather gets colder, you should pay equal attention to your body and your face. Discover body care tips you can apply in cold winter.


Dry Brushing
Clean your exfoliated skin with dry brush technique in winter. The skin that is purified from dead skin will be ready to refresh and regenerate itself.


Care in the shower
Although long and hot showers sound nice, they peel off and dry your skin from its natural oils. Try not to take too hot showers on winter days, and go for cleansing oils instead of body drying soaps and shower gels.


Moisturizing Step
Here you should never skip this step. Make sure to apply your body moisturizer after shower. Choose the most suitable product according to your skin dryness or the care ingredients you need.


Intense Interest
If you frequently complain about the dryness problem, put in body care oils. These products will help regenerate skin tissue and replenish moisture reserves.


Specific Points
Some specific points such as elbows, knees, heels, hand joints are more affected by cold weather and tend to crack. Give extra care to these areas with products with dense formula and balm texture.