Astrology at Work: Cosmos Office

Astrology at Work: Cosmos Office

Astrology at Work: Cosmos Office
Astrology at Work: Cosmos Office

HR managers with commuting, investments according to a cosmic constellation: astrology is experiencing a boom, also at work. Even Apple relies on the stars. Is it all an esoteric nonsense? Hardly likely.

Could a lion have prevented Brexit? David Cameron, the British ex-prime minister, is a Libra. This zodiac sign is considered to be weak, in need of harmony and influenceable. Not exactly qualities that you need to assert yourself against a majority of the people. Will Cameron's successor Theresa May manage to exit the EU? The woman is also a Libra and loves - if you believe the astrologers - beauty and shoes and prefers to avoid conflicts. All nonsense, right?

Of course, all of this could be dismissed as hocus-pocus or simply as coincidence. But the trend towards astrology is unmistakable: especially when it comes to jobs and careers, horoscopes are more popular than ever. Whether investing, career planning or recruiting - the stars of all people are asked for advice. Even the reputable Wirtschaftswoche now publishes a monthly business horoscope. An astrology column has recently appeared in the European edition of Bloomberg Businessweek. For example, you can read: “In June, hard work finally pays off.” The article is about which day - from an astrological point of view - is particularly favorable for a new social media strategy and when the completion of the presentation has absolute priority. In turn, the world commissioned star astrologer Susan Miller last year to create an annual horoscope. The journalists argued "that the predictions made by leading astrologers have nothing to do with clairvoyance and hocus-pocus".

Horoscopes & Astrology - an esoteric weirdo?
Horoscopes have lost their reputation as pure entertainment or even esoteric madness. An Allensbach study showed: In 1982 only 50 percent of West Germans stated that they read horoscopes in newspapers and magazines. In 2001 the value for Germany as a whole rose to 77 percent. And according to a survey from 2012, one in four Germans believes that the stars actually influence our lives. In the family, in love and especially in the job.

What has long been normal in Far Eastern cultures - in India, for example, astrologers are consulted when the rate of the rupee crashes, in China companies order lucky charms for their employees - is also taken more and more seriously in our business world. Why is that? Why do we track our lives from heart rate checks to pension calculations - and at the same time suddenly allow stars to influence it? Seems schizophrenic. What are we looking for up there? Quite simply: Answers because the daily pressure to make decisions overwhelms us. The educator Sarah Pohl says: "To orient oneself to horoscopes is psychologically the attempt to take the pressure off and give up authority." The Frankfurt management consultant Felicitas von Elverfeldt observed that especially people who are exposed to high risk at work or who have to manage great insecurities are more susceptible to superstition.

Job according to moon phases
In fact, the idea of ​​seeking help from the stars is as old as humanity. In the past, the job in the field was organized based on the phases of the moon. They determined when to sow and harvest, when to plow and plow. Even after misfortunes and impending disasters, the sky was searched. Today the situations in everyday working life are different, but they are definitely characterized by existential fears. Will the merger cost me my job? What happens if I can't get along with the new boss? There are now even astrological management consultants. One of them is Christof Niederwieser from Trossingen in Baden-Württemberg. He is convinced: “Astrology is an excellent tool to bring people into harmony with the demands of everyday business life.” The horoscope shows a corridor of action in which we could shape.

Above all, however, the stars provide information about the talents and talents that an employee or applicant has, believes Christof Niederwieser. "Someone with a strong Virgo emphasis usually has a very detailed analytical perception," says the astrologer. He has the potential to be an excellent specialist for tasks that require a high degree of accuracy. According to the astrologer and author Norbert Giesow, lions are born bosses and authorities. Putting an Aries and a Sagittarius in an office could cause problems. Both are freedom-loving and need space. Capricorns, on the other hand, need the opportunity to ascend. "Anyone who would take the trouble to calculate the horoscope for each new employee would see exactly who suits whom and who doesn't," says Norbert Giesow.

Even Apple relies on the stars
A glance at the stars is also useful for important presentations. For example, Apple recently presented its new iPhone during the retrograde phase of Mercury, a time that, according to Norbert Giesow, "produces misunderstandings and is stuck in the past". For the astrologer, it is obvious why the introduction was not a scoop and three weeks later it would have gone better for Apple. To avoid similar turbulence, others have had astrological coaching. As early as the 1950s, the publisher Axel Springer consulted his fortune-teller Ina Hetzel in important decisions. He noted their predictions in a black notebook, which he supposedly always carried with him. Former US President Ronald Reagan is said to have clarified important decisions with an astrologer in San Francisco - also because it was so important to his wife Nancy.

The Munich psychologist Madeleine Leitner, who advises companies on personnel issues, reports on sometimes adventurous selection processes. For example, from an IT company that "blindly" invited applicants to an interview because the pendulum twitched at the crucial point over their documents. The amazing thing about it: The pendulum candidates did just as well in the interview as those who were invited on the basis of rational criteria (grades, qualifications, experience). How come "Someone who is treated as an ideal candidate really blossoms," explains Madeleine Leitner - a feedback effect, so to speak. When the environment signals that you are good, you believe in it yourself. As in the pigeon experiment by B. F. Skinner, a classic in behavioral research: the animals were randomly thrown grains into the cage. After a while they started doing the craziest contortions. The pigeons had hypothesized why and when the feed came - although there was definitely no system for it.

Horoscopes: a question of belief
Conversely, this means: Positive prognoses help to go through life more relaxed. Because one rather expects that things will develop favorably. So you read the annual horoscope and look forward to being offered a hefty salary increase in May. Or the stars will fuel inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit from October.

Management consultant Felicitas von Elverfeldt confirms: "If I believe that success is imminent, I feel more secure and can really achieve more in the sense of a self-fulfilling prophecy." A placebo effect for the psyche - there is nothing against it.

In the office: which zodiac sign can with whom?

An impulsive, self-confident, successful person. In the office, he harmonizes with the other two fire signs Leo and Sagittarius - if they leave him enough space.


A connoisseur who is concerned about safety. For many colleagues, he is solid as a rock. Warning: two bulls often compete strongly.


Always on the move, curious and funny. A powerful Leo is a good team partner - if the Gemini is loyal.


A popular conversation partner due to his soulful manner. When attacked, he quickly extends the scissors. Aries in the same office? It's way too messy for him.


Loves the big show. He especially likes to be with the balanced Libra - and the sensitive Cancer. Aquarius could crunch; he also wants to make announcements.


She is rather reserved, modest - but also analytically strong and organized. Likes the career-oriented Capricorn, the Gemini too often talks them down to earth.


She needs harmony, conflicts and pressures stress her a lot. Libra loves Leo because he too is a born smalltalker. But Aries is too quick-tempered for her.


Full of energy and achieves a lot on the job. Tends to be jealous. The scorpion feels in good hands with the subtle fish. He thinks the lion is too self-absorbed.


He is spontaneous and loves challenges. He can do great things with the fiery Aries. But: better not to have a shared office.


If you have a goal, work hard and relaxed only when everything is done. That goes well with Aries. The communicative twin strains his nerves.


Great need for independence, he is original and has many ideas. Harmonizes with the Sagittarius who loves adventure. The cancer is rather irritated by this.


Idealistic and blessed with good intuition. The fish is a popular listener, unfortunately the ram takes advantage of this. On the other hand, he forms a dream team with the bull.