7 Ways to Maintain Your Intellectual Immunity

7 Ways to Maintain Your Intellectual Immunity

7 Ways to Maintain Your Intellectual Immunity
7 Ways to Maintain Your Intellectual Immunity

"Take out the trash, Dan!" Dan Millman stood there for a while without realizing what he meant when he pointed to his foreign forehead, which he called Socrates. This phrase stuck in my mind the most in the movie "Peaceful Warrior", based on Millman's book that tells his real life story. When we talk about the rush of daily life, plans for the future and the showdowns of the past, our mind can turn into a ferris wheel with increased speed. Of course, I have not yet taken into account the changes in emotion, the conditions that are reversed without our control. A lot of information, thoughts and visual transmissions gradually fill up in our minds every moment we live, and it can turn into a mental wastebasket from which we have difficulty choosing which one is necessary. At such times, we really need to stop for a moment and throw out this unnecessary fullness that will reflect on our body and spiritual balance over time. This process is of course not easy, but there is no end when we consider it in the long term. Just like when you fill your house with too many items, if you fill your mind too much, just as there are more things living in that house than you, after a while you will start to experience this chaos on your behalf and your mental immunity may decline. Well, how can we do this relaxation which is easy to say and practical to do.

Share Your Insider

Often we avoid expressing what we have in mind, in order not to offend anyone, or sometimes just because we are tired of telling ourselves. However, everything that we avoid is somehow kept in our mind store, and perhaps, as we all do, we express what we want to say in imaginary speeches. You can see how relieved you are if you choose to share it correctly instead of carrying the burden. This situation, which is difficult in the first, will become easier over time and you will relieve this burden a little more each time.

Don't Suppress Negative Thoughts

Toxic positivity is something we all know now and life is not always a flower. So if you feel a negative feeling at that moment, don't try to suppress it. There is an expression that is commonly used in meditations and breathing therapies, "Go through it". Rather than suppress, think about whatever this feeling is, go through it and let it go. Do not ignore what you feel, but do not let it trap you in some way. Remembering that everything is somehow temporary, move forward without being afraid to face it, and remember that feeling good is not just about positive thinking, but about being able to manage our perspective and that every emotion is normal.


One day I heard these sentences on a podcast that I can't remember right now. "When you have a bad feeling, don't let the ideas you produce at that moment dominate you and make you feel like you are such a person because they are not real." In fact, if you can strengthen your awareness and take a step back from the area of ​​that feeling and look from the outside, you can see everything much more clearly. That's why we don't need the help of people we love and trust? This is why objective evaluations are important, regardless of the emotion we are experiencing. Of course, it is not easy to get out of that moment and look this way, but it is possible to achieve this with a little trial and error method and by taking time for yourself.


Never underestimate the power of this easiest activity to relax your mind, inspired by Frederic Gros's "Philosophy of Walking", which tells us that stepping from Nietzsche to Rousseau is a creative and liberating attitude. Breathe, take a step, and think about whatever you feel comfortable facing at that moment and let go. Walk as much as you need it, and when you realize how good it feels over time, walking will no longer be a difficult action. While doing this, try to notice the beauties and innovations around you. As Paulo Coelho explains in his book The Alchemist, don't just focus on the spoon for the sake of not spilling a spoonful of olive oil in your hand.


If walking is not enough for you, one of the best ways to calm and relax your mind is to do sports. You can increase your level over time by creating a specific exercise plan and starting with small movements. The toxin expelled from your body as you sweat will relax you not only physically but also mentally, and after a little tiredness, you will regain your energy much stronger.

Take Time to Rest

Be sure to allow yourself. Yes, we all have responsibilities, even a race over time, but it is also impossible to try to continue constantly by leaving aside our humanity. One of the most important points to move forward is to stop.

It is necessary to rest, regain energy and give our mind the same break. Sometimes we get this situation very wrong and we think that rest is an opportunity for us to finish other things we neglect to do due to daily rush. But actually it's about doing nothing in real terms. It is necessary to leave both our mind and body to void for a while.

Limit Your Social Media

Undoubtedly, one of the strongest factors of this fullness in our minds is social media. We are in contact with millions of people every day, with countless platforms, and there is an unlimited flow from that contact. Yes, our smartphones are now a part of us and we are trying to suppress the slightest silence by plunging into this world. Moreover, this pollution of information and thought we are exposed to exhausts our minds and we carry the opinions of people we will never see in our lives. I think another reason why we want to be in this world is the fear of feeling lonely. Actually, it may be more correct to say the trouble of staying with ourselves rather than fear. However, perhaps as Andrey Tarkovsky said, we need to educate ourselves in a way that you don't think it's lonely to spend time with ourselves. As the first step of this, we can learn to rest in our loneliness by giving small breaks to social media in order to strengthen both ourselves and our mind.